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    December 15, 2019,
    7:00 PM

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  • Mariachi Sol de Mexico A MERRY-ACHI CHRISTMAS
    December 19, 2019,
    7:30 PM

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    Friday December 27, 2019 1:30 PM & 5:00 PM

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  • JIM BRICKMAN A Christmas Celebration
    December 28, 2019,
    8:00 PM

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    December 28, 2019,
    7:30 PM

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    December 31, 2019 -January 12, 2020

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    January 3, 2020,
    7:30 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

The following information applies to both the Balboa Theatre and Civic Theatre. Where there are different details for the two Theatres, those are specifics are noted below:

Q:How do I get to the Theatre?
A:Click here and click the “Directions” tab for driving directions to the Balboa Theatre.
Click here and click the “Directions” tab for driving directions to the Civic Theatre.
Q:Where can I park for Theatre performances?
A:Click here and click the “Parking” tab for parking information for the Balboa Theatre.
Click here and click the “Parking” tab for parking information for the Civic Theatre.
Q:How do I buy tickets for Balboa Theatre and Civic Theatre events?
A:Click here for Ticketing Information.
Q:What are Facility Fees and why are they charged on all event tickets?
A:Facility Fees are utilized to assist in funding the operation and maintenance of the historic Balboa Theatre and the Civic Theatre.  These fees are also utilized to fund capital repair, replacement and improvements within the venues.
Q:What should I wear to a Theatre performance?
A:Going to the Theatre is often a special occasion for our guests and they frequently dress up for the event. For some, that may mean a tuxedo or sparkling gown, for others it may mean a business suit or blazer, and for some it may be a clean pair of jeans and a polo shirt. San Diego audiences do tend to be less formal than might be expected in other large cities, however we recommend dressing as if you are going out to dinner at a nice restaurant.
Q:How long are performances?
A:The length of individual performances can vary dramatically.  As soon as we have secured an estimated performance length, it is posted on the individual Event Information pages on this website and is available by calling our Ticketing Services at (619) 570 – 1100 (Mon – Fri, 10 am – 6 pm).  Depending upon the event, we may have this information weeks in advance, but for some concerts and similar single performance events, the estimated performance length may not be available until the days leading up to the event.  Please note that the timing provided is just an estimate that has been provided by the performance presenter, based upon the  best information available in advance.  Performance length may change without notice.
Q:How far in advance of the performance should I arrive?
A:For Balboa Theatre events, we suggest allowing for extra time for arrival due to the various activities in the surrounding area.  So that you are not rushed for parking at the last minute, we suggest arriving 45-60 minutes in advance of event time so you can leisurely park and arrive in plenty of time at the Theatre.  Lobbies are typically open about 30-45 minutes prior to curtain.
Q:Do the Theatres have accommodations for patrons with physical challenges?
A:Both the Balboa Theatre and Civic Theatre have Accessible Seating, restrooms and parking access. Infra-red audio assistance systems are in use at both Theatres, with headsets available in Theatre lobby areas prior to performances (headsets are loaned at no charge, on a first-come, first-served basis). ASL and Audio Described Services may be offered for select performances—contact Ticketing Services or access individual Event Information pages on this site for specific event details. Click here for Audience Services Information.
Q:Is there any problem buying my ticket from a secondary party, ticket broker or internet site other than San Diego Theatres or Ticketmaster?
A:Tickets purchased from any individual, company or website other than the authorized sources of San Diego Theatres Ticketing, Ticketmaster or the presenting organizations (San Diego Opera, Broadway / San Diego, California Ballet, or La Jolla Music Society) are purchased at your own risk and may be fraudulent, counterfeit or invalid for admission to the performance. San Diego Theatres assumes no liability for these tickets and cannot resolve any disputes involving their use. Tickets may not be re-sold on Theatre premises, including the exterior Plaza areas around both the Balboa Theatre and Civic Theatre. Click Here for full ticket disclaimer information.
Q:Are ticket discounts available?
A:The availability of discounts is determined by the individual event producers and presenters. For some performances, there are simply no discounts. For other engagements, there may be discounts for select performances, specific seating areas, limited time offers, password access, or for special affiliations. Occasionally, discounts may be offered as the performance date nears. In all cases, any discounts offered cannot be applied retroactively and do not apply to previously purchased tickets. Please contact Ticketing Services at (619) 570-1100 for details on specific events.
Q:May I bring my camera to the Theatre?
A:For all opera, Broadway, and ballet performances and most other special events, photographs, video, audio or recording of any type (including CELL PHONES) are strictly prohibited.  This includes when the artists take their bows at the conclusion of the performance.  Therefore, please leave cameras at home!  For some concerts, you will not allowed to bring any cameras into the theatre, so you will be required to take them back to your car.
On very rare occasions, some concerts may allow limited use cell phones and simple point-and-shoot camera.  If that is going to happen and we have been advised in advance, that will be posted on the individual Event Information page on his website.  However, in the absence of that unusual notice, you should anticipate that no photographs, video or recording will be allowed, and you should leave your camera in your car or at home, and your cell phone turned off and in your pocket or purse.
Q:May I bring my child to the Theatre?
A:The experience of live theatre should be an exciting experience for children and one which creates a life-long appreciation and love of the performing arts. However, it is critical to match the appropriateness of the performance with the age and maturity of your child to make it a positive experience for the child, parents and the surrounding audience members. It is important to judge your child’s maturity and their ability to enjoy the show without disruption to other patrons. Except for family shows specifically targeted to children, it is best not to bring younger children to performances. Often, the content of the performance may be intended for more mature audiences or sound levels for a show may be too extreme for young childrens’ comfort. Additionally, all guests must have their own ticket, including children, and all tickets must be located in the same seating area. For certain shows, there may be minimum age requirements. At all San Diego Opera performances, children under the age of six years will not be allowed in to the Theatre. For additional information, please contact Ticketing Services at (619) 570-1100.
Q:What if our baby-sitter needs to reach us?
A:Guests cannot be paged at the Theatre. While cell phones and pagers must be silenced during performances, that is the best means for someone to leave you a message. As an alternative, leave your exact seat locations (Theatre, event name, seating section, row and seat numbers) with your baby-sitter.
Q:Are there restaurants near the Theatre?
A:There is a wide variety of restaurants downtown and in the Gaslamp District within walking distance of both Theatres. Click here for Restaurant Information.
Q:Are there hotels near the Theatres?
A:There are many hotels in the downtown and Gaslamp areas within blocks of both Theatres. Click here for Hotel Information.