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    December 11, 2019,
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  • THE NUTCRACKER Family Friendly Performance
    December 13, 2019,
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    Saturday December 14, 2019 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM

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    December 14, 2019 -December 24, 2019

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    December 15, 2019,
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  • Mariachi Sol de Mexico A MERRY-ACHI CHRISTMAS
    December 19, 2019,
    7:30 PM

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Best Bikini Razor and Best Bikini Trimmer Review

In general, an all purpose razor might not be the best option for hair removal, down there. There might be razor bumps, nicks, and irritations. Bikini line is one of the most sensitive regions of a body where skin tends to get irritated quite easily. Moreover, it is pretty difficult to navigate a Best Electric Razor in a tight region like bikini line. In this article, we will review the best 4 bikini razors.

  • Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer:

This device offers perfect pubic hair removal without skin irritation or any other adverse effects. It has an electric razor at one end and a disposable razor at the other end. The best part is, it is inexpensive and is the cheapest of the list we have considered.

  • Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver for Ladies ES2216PC:

Practically, this is an all in one shaver but its shape and size can suit the bikini line in the best way as well. Most importantly, it is not only versatile but also water proof and hypo allergic. The device comes with 3 floating heads which indicates that pivoting in those sensitive areas won’t be a problem. Since its razor head is wider than the normal size, initially you will feel uneasy to put it into your pubic hair. But once you place it there and enjoy the smooth and painless hair removal, you will not have a problem anymore. There is an attached bikini trimmer to take care of bikini line hair.

  • Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer:

This Philips trimmer offers services beyond trimming. You can not only clean shave or shape up your bikini line but you will also be able to epilate by means of different attachments which comes with this device. It comes with a precision trimmer, 1 eyebrow shaper, 1 eyebrow comb, a carrying case, an exfoliating glove, an epilator, a micro razor, a precision comb which again comes with 5 length settings ranging from 2mm to 10mm. The only drawback is, it requires a 10 hour charge to deliver a shave.

  • Braun Silk-épil FG1100 Bikini Hair Electric Shaver, Styler and Trimmer:

This Braun electric shaver comes with a handful of customizable attachments. It is one of the handiest shavers for getting rid of pubic hair. The shaver comes with a precision head with which you can shave or shape up your pubic hair. Many women don’t want to completely get rid of pubic hair. Here, there are 10 exclusive templates with which you can sculpt your pubic hair. The device comes with a T-shaped shaver head, 2 combs (5mm and 8mm). You might use it to sculpt hair line of other body parts as well.

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